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Information on traffic

Access to the hotel

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Hotel Name

Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso


Akita Prefecture Semboku City Lake Tazawa Life Insurance character Komagatake mountain 2-32

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Get off at JR Tazawako, about 45 minutes by bus To Nyuto Hot Springs off at Sugiyachi Bus Stop stop, 2 minutes on foot

There are pickups at JR Tazawako Station at 15:40, 16:10 and 17:40. It becomes reservation system.
※There may be some changes depending on the season and weather conditions.
 Please confirm when making a reservation

Information on traffic information

  • When coming by car

    Tohoku Highway, Morioka IC, via National Route 46, about 1 hour

    ※Free Parking(100 units/First come first served basis)
  • Coming by bus

    Tazawako Station also operate a free shuttle bus Between Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso Tazawako Station and Between Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso. (Reservation required.)
    Sanrokusou onset: 7: 30, 8: 30, 9: 30 =>Tazawako Station
     ※In winter, there are times when you operate by the following route.
       8:20 Sanrokusou departure =>Tazawako ski resort =>Tazawako Station
    Departing from Tazawako Station: 15: 40, 16: 10, 17:40 =>Sanrokusou
    Please use when coming by JR etc.
     ※There may be some fluctuation depending on the season, weather etc.
      Please confirm on the day.

    Tazawako Station, take the bus for the bus (Ugo Kotsu) "To To Nyuto Hot Springs" for about 35 minutes, get off at the bus stop "Sugiyachi"
    1 minute on foot or 20 minutes by taxi from the Tazawako Station to the hotel
  • By airplane

    Akita Airport: About 1 hour 40 minutes by using rental car or "Shared Taxi AKITA Airportliner (reservation required until the previous day)"

    Sendai Airport: JR Sendai Airport Access Line Sendai Airport Station Change to JR Akita Shinkansen at JR Sendai Airport Access Line Sendai Airport Station → Sendai Station
    Iwate Hanamaki Airport from Iwate Hanamaki Airport: From the airport take the express bus "To Morioka Bus Center" → Get off at Morioka Station and change to the JR Akita Shinkansen
  • For Customers Using JR

    A free shuttle bus is available from "Tazawako Station".

    Pick up flights(Departing from Tazawako Station), 15:40 / 16:10 / 17:40
    Flights sent(From the hotel), 7: 30/8: 30/9: 30

    Pick up flights are limited to the winter ski season, and departures at 12:10 are also available.

    Reservation "We will receive it until 17 o'clock the day before the use day".
    Please note that we can not accept it except on the above time or on the day's application
    I will do so.
    Customers of the sister hall "Komagatake Grand Hotel · Sanrokusou Annex Annex Shikisai" can be used for the shuttle bus.

    Reservations are required when using a free shuttle bus.
    Reservation is required until 17 o'clock the previous day.
    Free shuttle bus reservation ⇒ 0187-46-2131

    Tokyo - Lake Tazawa, About 3 hours

    Sendai - Lake Tazawa, About 1 hour 20 minutes

    Akita - Lake Tazawa, About 1 hour

    Morioka - Lake Tazawa, About 30 minutes