Please spend a relaxing time soaked in the tap, surrounded by the magnificent nature of Akita Komagatake

【Official】Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso

~ Wind of the Plateau and Kake Sosaikembi Sinki ~ Sosaikembi no Yado

Tazawako Kogen Onsen Akita Prefecture Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso Sosaikembi, we are hospitable at Akita Komagatake Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso that you can experience the benefits of Akita Komagatake all over the world.

A source sprinkling sinking bath.Surrounded by nature, the colors of the four seasons will welcome you "color".

To the "health" with the seasonal cuisine that defends the local recipe that knew the local ingredients, and penetrated the body.

And with the grace of nature such as hot springs and cuisine, the mind and body are healed and "beauty and health" is cultivated.

We will continue to be a messenger delivering such gifts from nature to everyone.

Introduction of facilities

  • ◆lobby(Main Building)

    Lobby decorated with a fish light of Akita's summer festival "Pole light festival".
    In the evening local folk song events are held and the sound of the shamisen reverberate.
  • ◆Pub "Hanging out"(East Wing)

    It is near the entrance on the 1st floor of the East Building.
    Various drinks and karaoke are the second meeting space which enjoys the night.
    Please ask the front desk when using.
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Information on traffic

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Hotel Name

Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso


Akita Prefecture Semboku City Tazawako Life Insurance character Komagatake mountain 2-32

Telephone number



Get off at JR Tazawako, about 45 minutes by bus To Nyuto Hot Springs off at Sugiyachi Bus Stop stop, 2 minutes on foot

There are pickups at JR Tazawako station at 15:30, 16:10 and 17:30.It becomes reservation system.
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Recommended information

  • 35th anniversary commemoration campaign is in operation!

    2018 is the year of commemoration of our company's 35th anniversary.
    Please enjoy the campaign where you receive the pair's accommodation ticket or the in-facility use ticket in full thanks to your daily gratitude.
    We are holding it.

    The targets to be submitted are limited to those who make a reservation with "Yukinobu Takumi Original or Takumi Premium".
    Please confirm from the link below for details.
  • To heart-healing nature 'Komagatake'

    Climbing season arrived!

    At the foot of the treasure trove of Akita Prefecture's famous mountain-alpine plants "Akita Komagatake"

    Please enjoy the "Trekking plan" recommended accommodation plan for the mountaineers.

    We are offering.

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