It is finally a climbing season! We have prepared a trekking plan this year, so please check it.

【Official】Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso

Information on enzyme bath maintenance

Thank you for your patronage of this hotel.
This time, we will carry out the maintenance of the enzyme bath on the following schedule.

【Maintenance period】 August 13, 2019(fire)~ Mid September

The enzyme bath will be closed during the above maintenance period. In addition, resumption is scheduled after mid-September.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Recommended information of the season

  • Let's go to Akita Komagatake! Trekking & hiking

    It is known as the most abundant mountain of alpine plants among many Komagatake mountains throughout the country,
    Akita Komagatake, one of the two hundred famous mountains in Japan.
    I am looking forward to seeing what scenery this year will be!

    Akita Komagatake mountain climbers who love Akita Komagatake
    We offer trekking support accommodation plan at our hotel.

     ◆ A portable lunch box will be provided at the time of departure.
     ◆ For those staying in the hotel, a bathing ticket will be given after the mountain.

    As we accept at any time during mountain climbing season
    Please apply early.

  • Only this season! Must-see if you live in Tohoku!

    As the name suggests, if you are applying for "Tohoku residents"
    No matter where you are living with you!

    Tohoku it is a traggu dish which is not so familiar in Tohoku
    Outstanding freshness "hot spring Toragu" by direct from aquaculture
    Odorless and delicate taste, and pre-washed white
    I can not collect the unique texture that is crunchy!

    \ Fufu thin·Fugu dust·Puffer fish risotto·Hirinka·Fried chicken/

    Enjoy the full course of Torafugu
    Please try only of the "six Tohoku prefectures split"Tohoku

  • A full course of Oshuku Onsen Toragugu+Akita specialty dinner

    Please enjoy "Oshuku Onsen Torafugu" which is sent directly from the aquaculture area for about 1 hour from our hotel.
    Hospitality of "Torafuguzushi" that can be enjoyed all year round!

    "Tessa, Fugu Chiri, Deep-fried chicken, risotto, Hirinshu"
    Other famous Akita Nishiki Beef such as Akita Nishiki Beef Akita Kuroge Wagyu beef Akita Nishiki Beef beef cattle etc.
    It is accompanied by local ingredients and regional dishes.

    Please try it once.

Introduction of facilities

  • ◆lobby(Main Building)

    The lobby decorated with the lanterns of Akita's summer festival "Kantou (pole lantern) festival".
    In the evening local folk song events are held and the sound of the Shamisen reverberate.
  • ◆Pub "Furafura" (East Wing)

    It is near the entrance on the 1st floor of the East Building.
    Various drinks and karaoke are the second meeting space which enjoys the night.
    Please ask the front desk when using.
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Information on traffic

Google Map

Hotel Name

Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso


2-32 Komagatake, Obonai, Tazawako, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



About 45 minutes by bus To Nyuto Hot Springs JR Tazawako To Nyuto Hot Springs bus To Nyuto Hot Springs, 2 minutes walk from Sugiyachi Bus Stop stop

There is a transfer at 15:40, 16:10 and 17:40 at JR Tazawako Station. It becomes reservation system.
※There may be some changes depending on the season and weather conditions.
 Please confirm when making a reservation
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Character naming campaign in progress!

  • Apply for the character's name and win a pair accommodation ticket!

    Sanrokusou the aquaculture of a new project "Oshuku Onsen Torafugu" of the Yamakasa group
    The character responsible for advertising is born!
    However, the name has not been decided yet·····

    So, please enjoy the campaign for recruiting this daughter's name.
    We held it.

    Those who have been hired will receive a pair accommodation ticket!
    Please confirm the detailed application method from the following link.

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